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How do I pay for HOOQ’s rentals? (Telkom Indihome STB)

The steps to rent a video via Telkom Set Top Box are easy as pie! Here’s how:
  1. Select HOOQ from the Usee TV main menu.
  2. Choose the Rent menu.
  3. Scroll down/up to see more content.
  4. Choose the movie that you’d like to rent.
  5. Select “Rent”.
  6. Choose “Yes, I Agree” if you agree to the terms & conditions. Note that your purchase will be charged in your IndiHome number billing.
  7. Select “Watch Now” if you want to watch the content now.
  8. The rented video will play. Enjoy watching! :)

Oh! In case you have a ticket that you want to use instead, click here for instructions. :)

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