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What's the cost of HOOQ in Thailand?

So you want to get HOOQ’d, but want to know our pricing rates first? You came to the right place! Check out the info below. :)

New Pricing Rates (New HOOQ app):

* For a larger view of this price list, please open the attached "Price rates TH" file at the bottom of this page.
* You can get 1 bonus ticket if you subscribe to an eligible one-time or recurring HOOQ subscription (at least 30 days) – click here for more info.

Now, what should you do to pay for your HOOQ subscription using your preferred payment method? Simply click on the appropriate links below, and you’ll find the easy steps on how get HOOQ’d up. :)


AIS Mobile and Fibre: Click here for more info, or contact AIS support at 1175 for further assistance. 

AIS Playbox: If you’re eligible to activate a free trial/package via AIS Playbox, do the following:
  • Launch the HOOQ app. You’ll be auto-logged in and routed to the Discover page.
  • Select a video, then click Play.
  • Provide your consent.
  • Proceed to get the OTP.
  • Enter the OTP code via SMS.
  • Receive a confirmation message.

AIS USSD: Dial *508*8# for a 1-month free trial that will auto-renew with a 119 THB/month charge. For one-time packages, dial *508*10# (1-day) or *508*11# (7-day).  

  • You can choose between a 7-day one-time prepaid or 30-day recurring postpaid subscription and subscribe by dialing *453*188# (postpaid) or *453*155# (prepaid) on your mobile. You can visit the dtac website for more information.

If you already have an account with us, you may simply just change your payment method via the HOOQ app (Android or iOS).


Price_rates_TH_10Jan2020_(English).xlsx Price_rates_TH_10Jan2020_(English).xlsx
Price_rates_TH_10Jan2020_(ภาษาไทย).xlsx Price_rates_TH_10Jan2020_(ภาษาไทย).xlsx

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