HOOQ Digital Pte Ltd

General Subscription

How does HOOQ credit/debit card billing work?

If you use a credit card, you will be billed every month corresponding with the date you originally signed up on. (e.g. If you signed up on 15th June 2014, you will be billed on the 15th of every month thereaft...

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Is it safe to submit my credit/debit card information?

Yes, of course. :) The registration process is secure, and all information that you submit is encrypted for privacy while in-transit.

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Why did my credit/debit card subscription fail?

Oh no! Sorry about that! The credit/debit card subscription might have failed due to the following reasons: Card has insufficient funds/reached maximum limit. Card is expired or cancelled. Card has res...

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Are there any data charges to access the app and stream/download?

HOOQ is accessible via any compatible device with suitable broadband/mobile data connectivity from any Internet Service Provider (ISP) or Mobile Carrier provider. Please check with your ISP/Mobile Carrier prov...

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Do I need to pay for data charges?

Mobile data charges are applicable when you stream or download videos using your mobile 3G/LTE connection. It’s best to check with your mobile carrier about any applicable data charges when you use HOOQ and oth...

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How do I re-subscribe to HOOQ after I terminated my subscription?

It’s easy to re-subscribe to HOOQ if you canceled your subscription previously or did not renew your expired subscription. You’ll simply need to sign in to your account and change/update your payment method. Cl...

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