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I'm getting "Error: Account has exceeded device limit". What should I do?

A device counter reset is usually needed when you’re getting a prompt saying that you’ve already reached the maximum number of devices allowed. Don't worry, because we can reset your device counter for you.

A few reminders before we go ahead and do that:
  • The maximum number of devices that you can register is five (5) per HOOQ account. 
  • Resetting your device counter will delete all the devices that you registered to HOOQ. It is not possible to delete just one device from the list of registered devices.
  • We can only do this type of reset thrice per year of subscription.
  • At this time, a maximum of 10 devices can be linked to your account in a year of subscription. 

If you agree to the above, and would want to have your devices removed from your account, just send your request over to support@hooq.tv, along with the following details:

  • The e-mail address and/or mobile number you’re using to log in to your HOOQ account
  • The brand and model of at least two (2) devices registered to your HOOQ account

These details are required for verification purposes and will serve as proof that you’re the account holder, and that you’re authorizing us to modify your account.

By the way, it would be great if you type "Device Reset" on the subject line of your email so we know immediately that you've read the reminders, and you agree to them. 

We'll be waiting for your email! :)


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