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Why did my credit/debit card subscription fail?

Oh no! Sorry about that!
The credit/debit card subscription might have failed due to the following reasons:
  • Card has insufficient funds/reached maximum limit.
  • Card is expired or cancelled.
  • Card has restrictions on online/overseas transactions.
  • Entered card details are invalid.
  • Payment was declined by card issuer for other reasons.
Now, if you want to reprocess your payment for the subscription using the same card, please do the following first:
  • Double check the card information that you've entered.
  • Confirm that the card isn't cancelled or expired.
  • Contact your bank to confirm your limit or authorize your card for online/overseas transaction.
Remember, you also have an option to change your payment method. You may refer to these links to check out other available payment options:
If there’s no issue with your card or bank, but your subscription is still failing, your friendly tech gurus at HOOQ are here to help. Just shoot us an email via support@hooq.tv or click here. :)

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