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I'm getting a message saying the TV code is invalid. What should I do? (Smart TV)

Yikes! The TV code on your Smart TV's HOOQ app is not working? :( Don't you worry now. Just read on to know how you can start getting HOOQ'd on your Smart TV. :)

The "Invalid TV code. Please reload code on TV and try again." message may come up if the TV code showing on your TV screen has timed out. Here's what you'll need to do:

  1. Using the remote control that came with your Smart TV, press the Back button to exit the sign-in menu.
  2. Select Sign In
  3. On your Android smartphone or tablet, do the following: 
    • Open the HOOQ app.
    • Make sure that you're logged in. Click here for the steps.
    • Once you're on the Discover page, tap Me.
    • Scroll down and select Link TV.
    • Tap Link TV.
    • Tap on Enter TV Code.
    • Enter the new 6-digit code shown on your TV screen.
    • Tap the Link button.
      • The validity of 1 code is 60 seconds from the time it gets generated. A new 6-digit code gets generated every 50 seconds, so we recommend entering the code quickly.
  4. Once you get a successful confirmation, you can start watching! Enjoy! :)

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