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How do I earn a rental ticket (Singapore)?

Heya! You can earn one (1) ticket every time you purchase an eligible one-time or recurring subscription (at least 30 days). :) It will take about 3 to 5 hours from the time your paid subscription starts for the ticket to show up on your account. As soon as you see the ticket, you can use it to rent a video.

For recurring subscriptions, you'll get one bonus ticket every month! :) How does it work? If you subscribe to a recurring subscription on the 4th of September, for example, you'll get the next bonus ticket a month after (4th of October), and so on. :)

Already have a ticket? Check out the links below for the steps on how to redeem it:

How to use my ticket for rentals (HOOQ app for Android)
How to use my ticket for rentals (Apple iOS devices)
How to use my ticket for rentals (Smart TV)

How to use my ticket for rentals (Computer)

Tickets aren't available for purchase, so just a heads up, you won’t be able to buy additional tickets. But hey, you can also pay for rentals! Click on what type of device you're using to know more: Android | iOS 

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