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How to stream videos? (Computer)

We are working diligently to make our website available to other web browsers but, for now, please use the latest version of Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Opera to get the most out of HOOQ.

Here are the different ways that you can follow to stream videos:  
  1. Open Google Chrome using your browser.
  2. Go to https://hooq.tv, and then log in

Stream videos from the home page:
  1. Once you're already logged in, hover your mouse on any title.
  2. Select “Watch Now", then click on the Play icon. 
    • If you've clicked on a TV show, and it's the first time you've clicked on it, the first episode will auto-play. If you want to look for a specific episode, select the Episode icon on the lower right corner of your screen (3rd icon from the right).
    • The list of available seasons and episodes will appear, with its corresponding title. Click on the Play icon next to the episode that you want to watch.

Stream videos by searching for a specific movie or TV show:
  1. Once you're already logged in, select the Search icon (magnifying glass) on the upper right corner of your screen.
  1. Type the title of the movie or TV series on the search field.
  2. Select the title that you were looking for.
  3. Select “Watch Now", then click on the Play icon.

Note: If the movie or TV shows that you’re looking for doesn’t appear in the result, or you didn’t see a matching result, it means that we still don’t have that title in our catalogue. :( Worry not, you may always shoot us a request of the films or shows that you’d like to see on HOOQ.  Click here for more information.
If you don’t know what to watch, you may also send us a holler by clicking here, or by shooting an e-mail at support@hooq.tv. :) 

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