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How to restart your computer?

For Macs:
  • Press the power button (or control + eject) on your keyboard, and then, when a dialog box appears, click the restart button.
  • Choose the Apple key, and then click on “Restart”.
  • Or, you may just press the control + command + eject, or control + command + power buttons.

For Windows 7 computers:
  • Click the Start/Windows icon located at the lower left-hand corner of your Windows computer.
  • Locate and click the right arrow beside the shut down button.
  • Select “Restart” from the menu that appears.

For Windows 8 computers:
  • Pull up the charms bar by doing any of the following:
    • If you’re using a touch screen PC, swipe from the right side of the screen.
    • Using a mouse, move it to the upper right or lower right corner of the screen.
    • Using the keyboard, press the Windows key and the “C” key together.
  • Click on “Power”.
  • Select “Restart” from the options that will appear.

For Windows 8.1 computers:
  • Click the power options icon that looks like a circle with a vertical line going inside the circle.
  • After doing so, select “Restart” from the list of options that comes up.

Note: Afterwards, relaunch or open any of our supported browsers to access HOOQ.


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