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What's the cost of HOOQ in India?

You asked for more payment options? You got it! We now have more payment schemes and at a more affordable price. We also have a 90-day promo when you select a recurring subscription. Check them out! :)
New Pricing Rates (New HOOQ app):

* For a larger/clearer view of this price list, please open the attached "Price rates IN" file at the bottom of this page.

90-Day Promo

What you'll see on our Android app:

  • PayTM    

           PayTM app
  • Ola Money

          Ola Money                   
  • Credit Card


What you'll see on our HOOQ website:
  • PayTM 


  • Ola Money

  • Credit Card 


What you'll see on our iOS app:


How will you set up your payment?

That’s easy! :) Just click on the link beside your type of device below, and then follow the steps to get HOOQ’d up using your preferred payment method.



Price_rates_IN_17Jan19.xlsx Price_rates_IN_17Jan19.xlsx

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