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What's the cost of HOOQ in Thailand?

So you want to get HOOQ’d, but want to know our pricing rates first? You came to the right place! Check out the info below. :)

New Pricing Rates (New HOOQ app):

* For a larger view of this price list, please open the attached "Price rates TH" file at the bottom of this page.
Now, what should you do to pay for your HOOQ subscription using your preferred payment method? Simply click on the appropriate links below, and you’ll find the easy steps on how get HOOQ’d up. :)




  • Click here or contact AIS by dialing 1175 for AIS Mobile subscriber and AIS Fibre subscriber for further assistance.


Price_rates_TH_11Oct18_(English).xlsx Price_rates_TH_11Oct18_(English).xlsx
Price_rates_TH_11Oct18_(ภาษาไทย).xlsx Price_rates_TH_11Oct18_(ภาษาไทย).xlsx

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