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How do I request for new content, feature or subtitles?

Want to send your ideas or requests on our content and features? Check out the following to find out how. :)

Want to request for a movie or TV show that’s not yet on HOOQ? Send an e-mail to our awesome team at support@hooq.tv and make sure to include the title of the movie or TV series and the country where you registered to HOOQ.


If you have any bright ideas on what features we can add in the HOOQ app or its web version, don’t be shy -- send our team a message at support@hooq.tv with your request/s or recommendation/s.

By the way, it would be awesome if you could include a brief description of the functionality that you’re requesting to add and your country of registration.


Getting all our content subtitled in English is now in progress. If there’s a specific subtitle language that you’d like to request, please send an email to our support team at support@hooq.tv and include the following details:

  • The subtitle language that you’re requesting
  • Title of the movie or TV series
    • If it's a TV series, include the season number and episode number
  • Your country of registration

We are looking at introducing more channels for your viewing pleasure, so let us know the channel you want! Send our team your recommendation at support@hooq.tv.


Note: There is no guarantee if and when your request will be available on HOOQ, but you can expect us to do our very best!

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