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Problem with content -- video or audio related (Apple iOS devices)

If you're having problems with any of our movies or shows (incomplete, corrupted, no audio, no video, etc.), try to play another movie or TV episode to check if you’re experiencing the same problem or not.
  • If the same issue occurs on other content, please test your internet speed (minimum speed required is 2 to 3 Mbps and/or 3G mobile data).  
  • Make sure that your device is meeting all of the system requirements. 

If your device meets the minimum system requirements, yet you're still experiencing the issue, please email us at support@hooq.tv, and include the following:
  • The title of the movie or series that you’re having problems with.
  • If it’s a TV show, specify the season and episode number.
  • If it’s happening to all content that you watched, please indicate it in your email.
  • Screenshots of your device information and speed test results. 

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