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(Philippines) How do I sign up for a paid subscription using your iOS device?

Getting HOOQ’d to a paid subscription is easy as pie. Read on to know more. :)
Available payment methods:

  • iOS in-app purchase
  • Credit card (auto-renews, we accept those bearing Visa and/or MasterCard logos)
  • Debit card (doesn’t auto-renew, we accept those bearing Visa and/or MasterCard logos)
  • GCash (one-time or auto-renews)
  • Google Play (one-time or auto-renews) - available only on Android
  • Charged via Globe/TM numbers (one-time or auto-renews)
  • Charged via Smart/TalkNTxt/Sun numbers (one-time or auto-renews)
  • Globe (Prepaid/Postpaid/Broadband)

Click here if you'd like to check out our updated pricing and available lengths of subscription. 

If you're using an iOS device, you can only subscribe via iTunes Billing.
To pay via iTunes billing (using your Apple ID):

  1. Make sure you're connected to the internet, and then open the HOOQ app. 
  2. Select "Log In" on the upper right corner.
  3. Tap "Sign up" at the bottom of the screen.
  4. To sign up using your mobile number:
    • Tap the down arrow then select your country code.
    • Enter your mobile number in the specified box.
    • Tap “Done”.
    • Select “YES” to confirm that you entered the right mobile number.
      • You’ll receive a 6-digit OTP verification code via text message.
      • If you don't receive a code within a few minutes, tap "Resend Code".
    • Enter the verification code, then hit “Next”.
    • Enter your email address and then tap “Start your trial now”.
  5. To sign up using your email address:
    • Select “Skip”.
    • Enter your email address in the field provided.
    • Tap “Start your trial now”.
    • Open your inbox, look for the email from HOOQ then confirm your email address.
      • If you don’t receive the email within a few minutes, tap “Resend Email”.
    • Go back to the HOOQ app, then tap “I have verified”.
  6. Once you’re on the Discover page, tap on the “ME” icon at the upper right corner of your screen.
  7. Select “Subscription”, then tap “Subscribe to watch”.
  8. Select "See all plans" to view all the plans or prices (including benefits).
  9. Tap "Buy Now" to choose the package that you prefer.
    • If this is your first time to subscribe, you can get a 30-day free trial as long as you're willing to set up your payment details upfront. Note that the free trial can only be redeemed once per Apple ID, and you will be charged once your trial period expires.
    • If you're not yet ready to commit, you may take a 7-day free trial. Just tap on the back arrow and select "Sure, thanks!".
  10. Make sure that your iTunes credentials/payment details are entered, then tap “Confirm”.
    • You need your iOS in-app purchases enabled for the payment to push through. Click here to know what to do if you get a message that in-app purchases are not allowed.
    • This will be charged towards the payment method you set up for your Apple ID/iTunes account. Please ensure that you’re using an iTunes account that's local to your country of registration. You’ll be prompted to switch to a local iTunes account if you’re not using one.
  11. Follow the prompts until you get a confirmation that your payment is successful.

  1. Make sure you're connected to the internet, and then open the HOOQ app. 
  2. Log in to your HOOQ account. Click here for the steps.
  3. Once you’re on the Discover page, tap on the Me icon at the upper right corner of your screen.
  4. Select "Subscription", then tap "Subscribe to watch".
  5. Enter your activation code (6 alphanumeric characters or 6 letters) in the Redeem Voucher Codes box.
  6. Tap on "Submit".

  • For Prepaid customers: You can register to HOOQ by texting your preferred variant (HOOQ59, HOOQ149, HOOQ299 or HOOQ499) to 8080, or dial *143# and choose Surfing then HOOQ.
  • For Postpaid/Broadband customers: You can register by calling the Globe Hotline at (02) 7730-1000, or by dialing 211 through a Globe mobile phone (toll-free).
  • To know more about the promo rates, click here.

You'll need to process your payment either through our HOOQ website on a computer or via the HOOQ app on an Android device.

How about the price? Click here for more details.

Want to sign up for the free trial first? Click here. :)
Already have a HOOQ account? You'll simply need to renew your subscription
Need help? Click here or send an email to us at support@hooq.tv. Let’s HOOQ you up! :)

Note: If you're currently subscribed to a partner plan, you won't be able to purchase another partner plan unless you use a different mobile number/email to sign up a new account.

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