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How do I delete my downloaded videos? (Apple iOS devices)

You can now manage/delete the downloaded videos on all of your registered devices! :) But first, make sure to update your HOOQ app to the latest version. 

Already have the latest version installed? Great! :) Here's what you'll need to do to manage your downloaded videos:

1. Log in to your HOOQ account. Click here for the steps.
2. Delete your download videos:
  • Once you’re one the Discover page, tap on the “ME” icon at the upper right corner of your screen.
  • Select “Downloads”. You'll see the following:
    • The videos that you've downloaded or are in the download queue on the device you're using.
    • The videos that were downloaded or are being downloaded on your other registered device/s (if there's any), plus the model of that other device. 
  • Tap on “Edit” at the top right corner of your screen. 
  • Tap the downloaded video that you want to delete (make sure it has a check mark as shown on the image below). You can select one or more videos to delete. Tap on "Remove" at the bottom.
  • When you see a pop-up message, tap "Confirm". 

  • Downloaded videos are non-transferable and can be played in offline mode only on the device that downloaded the video.
  • For more information about the maximum number of videos that you can download, please click here.

Should you need help, hit us up via support@hooq.tv or click here and fill out the contact form. 

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