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How many movies or videos can I download?

Guess what? You can download up to ten (10) of your favorite movies and shows!

A few notes to remember: 

  • You must have a registered HOOQ account to download content.
  • You can download up to a maximum of ten (10) videos across all your registered devices.
    • For example, you have two (2) registered mobile devices - an Android phone and an iOS device. You’ve downloaded five (5) movies on your iOS device, and then downloaded five (5) episodes of a TV show on your Android phone, so the total download count is ten (10).
    • Note: You can only download a Disney TV series episode twice. If you download the same episode for the 3rd time, you will receive a message that you have reached the download limit for the video and can just watch the video by streaming.
  • Downloading is only available on the app version of HOOQ (Android and Apple iOS devices).
  • Downloaded videos are non-transferrable and may only be accessed using the device that downloaded the video.

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